After completion of of the registration, the first step of creative talent cycle begins. Artists are discovered through both online/offiline medium given below are all Evaluated for "FOA Qualified Performer" grade.

  • AUDITION PODS (online/offline)
  • A 24*7 online audition facility using FOA Digital Studio.
  • Offline Pods are subject to availability at each City/State/Country.

A Digital competition conducted every quarterly for the age group of 15-25 years. Click EVENTS for more information.

FOA Qualified Performer

All registered artists are evaluated by the FOA Panel and there will be TWO rounds of Evaluation.

  • 1st Round - Artist choice
  • 2nd Round - FOA Panel choice

In each round, the artist needs to qualify with a minimum aggregate of 70% to avail the “FOA Qualified Performer” Grade. Failure to reach the aggregate allows the artist to re-submit their performances subject to a maximum of 3 submissions in an year.

Note: Only “FOA Qualified Performers” are eligible for “Promotion & Branding” step of the Creative Talent Cycle

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