“Artist Promotion” is another artist value proposition of Face Of Artz where in an artist needs to perform regularly to show case their talent and get promoted. FOA designed as a blended program of performance and digital promotion targeting the maximum reach and fan base for an artist in the proposed promotion cycle.

Performance is critical part for an artist during up-coming stage of career and one needs a platform to perform. Face Of Artz is happy to offer a digital theater , ‘FOA DIGI Theater’ to give performance opportunity for artists from different fields of Music, Drama and Dance.

‘HEAD SHOTS’ shows are specially featured promotional shows of “ FOA DIGI Theater” conducted every fortnight for artists to participate and show case their talent. Artist needs to book the show to perform, in advance.

Head Shots performances will be witnessed by the finest exponents of the respective art field apart from fans, art lovers event managers and media people from Film / TV / studios / reviewers. This gives a considerable exposure to the industry and society.

Also all the performances will be promoted in FOA social media and other channels for the world to see and vote /like / comment on your performance apart from Industry experts certifications and advises.

This service helps not only the Artist to get access to the emerging world of opportunities but also the organizations / Event managers to asses and apprise the merit of the artists in selections conducted for films, TV Serials, reality shows, events etc.,


  1. Headshots Shows – Live / On-line One need to participate 8-10 or more shows for one Artist promotion cycle
  2. Workshops & Pitch Sessions Artists need to participate proposed workshops/Pitch sessions conducted by field experts to fine tune their talent and show much better performance. They may also get opportunity to get mentored by experts
  3. Votes / Likes Every performance will be promoted in social media and kept open for public voting.
  1. Weekly/ Fortnightly Headshots shows will be conducted and an artist needs to participate in a minimum of 8-10 shows for a complete cycle of Certification and get an aggregate of >9.0.
  2. Aggregate(s) will be calculated based on FOA Panel and Public votes as well.
  3. Workshops and Pitch sessions slots can be booked as per the availability.
  4. Artist(s) will be eligible for various promotions/events/competitions conducted by FOA throughout the calendar year and every performance will be rated.
  5. Crowed views and Fan reach promotions also initiated during show calendar
  6. Every show of individual will be promoted digitally


  1. Discounts on services and Prizes for best performers of Episode / of Month / of Series
  2. You can fine tune your talent with regular practice
  3. You will have no performance tensions
  4. You can sing with feel and lots of involvement
  5. You can expect mentorship support and advise from our panel experts
  6. You will have social media promotion and expert reviews
  7. Specialized individual feedback opportunities from panel experts
  8. Full digital advantage for Promotion and Popularity
  9. You can create your portfolio


  1. you need to be the registered member of Face Of Artz
  2. you need to buy the show slots for available dates in advance
  3. you need to perform in minimum of 8-10 shows to create your portfolio
  4. you need to upload the high quality recorded songs only
  5. our curators will check for quality and reject if the quality is bad
  6. you need to send a minimum of two songs per show
  7. you need to send songs well in advance ( one week before )
  8. you need to sign the under taking letter before the show
  9. you cannot participate in the show without undertaking letter

Terms and Conditions Apply

You may Buy these services as

  1. BUNDLED OFFER (Bundle of Customized Services like Promotional shows, DIGI Promotion, Fan base, Crowed reviews, mentoring)
  2. PER SERVICE (Customized services)
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