An Onliest feature of FOA Artist Branding, uniquely designed for Aspirant and Budding artists to show case their performance at right platform and looking for a proper ecosystem to make their talent reach larger audience.

‘STAR PERFORMER’ is the prestigious and first of its kind on line state / inter-state contest of Face Of Artz, decides and declares the FOA Brand Performers every year.

FOA designed branding system that works to discover the hidden talent within you and stringently follows the quality standards and ethical guidelines. The outcome of the process is to grade the artist into three categories, Qualified, Approved and Star Performers and based on the category the artist falls into, the aspiring/Budding artist can take a path and forward with goal of building creative career. FOA handholds through the process, by providing mentoring and guidance till Artist becomes “STAR PERFORMER” and show case and promote to building the brand and get desired value from the world of performing arts.



So what if you could not become a singer or an actor or a painter till now ! You may be a doctor, engineer or a businessman but art is for all and nothing should stop you from following your passion. For the passionate and now hidden artist - FOA brings you the "Heartist" program. So sign up for FOA and the light the lamp by enrolling in the elite "Heartist" club so that we can arrange for evaluation, mentoring and transform your long-time passion into reality.

Participate in Promotional ‘ HEAD SHOTS’ shows, show case your talent, get promoted and make your passion in to profession.



It's like every time an artist performs, people come, see the show and go. But what direct advantage is the artist getting from it? Not much.. right? Not until a much later stage! So, just so that you can start becoming a super popular cool person at your early stage, we have chamber shows.

The audience at these shows includes corporates, people from the film industry, music directors, and such. These people view your performance not from a mass point O fibre, but from a business point of view. This helps you connect to the people on a much more direct level, because showing someone your performance on a screen is not the same as performing live for them. For all you know, someone might even sponsor you, and there are large billboards with your name on it! Create an image for yourself. The platform is ours, but the talent is all YOU!

Chamber shows are for FOA STAR PERFORMERS and FOA Invitees only



‘HEAD SHOTS’ are Artist promotional shows of ‘FOA DIGI Theater’ designed by Face Of Artz for Budding and Up-coming artists.

FOA DIGI Theater is a first of its kind concept designed by FOA . Programs like musical performances and competitions, drama skits, standup comedy shows, dance skits and many will be conducted here like a regular theater.

Head Shots is one such program proposed for budding and up-coming artists of music, drama and dance.

Calling all zealous artists! Earn your way upwards. 'Head Shots' focuses on rewarding your special abilities, zeal and production values. Artists who produce "Short films", "Skits”, "Mono Acts" or "Mime Shows" and the elite among them will be rewarded with both prizes and also social media promotions.

Participate in ‘Head Shots’ regular shows and contests. So enrol for this feature and roll camera



The lack of good stories and ideas can spell trouble for the movies and theatre. FOA brings to the forefront those creative writers who have a penchant for story concepts, lyrics and skits from all genres. Brooder Box from FOA gives you the opportunity to present your scripts to the finest Script Writers and Story Tellers who will provide insights and may shape your career trajectory and even pave the way for a full stage production! So pen your thoughts now and join the FOA Brooder Box to have your story unfold!



Buy the service, get your personal analytics done, get visibility in to how people are viewing your profile, promote online more become "Follow Spot" of the week.

So we have about a 1000 people on the portal and you are wondering how you are going to get centre-stage. Do not fret - FOA wants you to be under the spotlight. Enrol for the "Follow Spot" now to gather your personal analytics data and ranking from your portal page visits including enquiries, views of videos and portfolio and sharing on their Social Media. You will then feature on centre-stage and get your due presence giving you the chance to rise among the ranks quickly that languish in the background !