Promotion & Branding

Promotion & Branding, a key proposition of Face Of Artz is the next step of our Creative Talent Cycle which is a 6 month process wherein the artist performances are continuously Evaluated along with Expert Advice, Mentoring & Digital Promotions

Face Of Artz designed this blended program of Digital Promotional Shows, Workshops, Fan Base, Events, Portfolio Creation to create a Brand Identity for the artists in their respective art field by way of producing “FOA STAR PERFORMERS”

  • Digital Promotional Shows
  • Workshops
  • Fan Base
  • Events
  • Portfolio Creation
  • FOA Star Performer

FOA Qualified Performers are eligible to avail our exclusive paid DIGITAL PROMOTIONAL SHOWS, conducted fortnightly as a part of the blended program of “Promotion & Branding”.

Every Artist will participate in a total on 12 DIGITAL PROMOTIONAL SHOWS & perform in the specified various GENRES.

These artists are eligible for the Grading process. Gradings are awarded when the Artist meets the eligibility criteria given below:

FOA Approved Performer: Artist(s) must

  • Maintain a minimum of 80% aggregate.
  • Participate in a minimum of 6 shows (50% of the Total paid Digital Promotional Shows).
  • Perform in a minimum of 50% of the Overall Genres specified.

FOA Star Performer: Artist(s) must

  • Maintain a minimum of 90% aggregate.
  • Finish participating in all 12 of the paid Digital Promotional Shows
  • Complete performances in all the Genres specified.

Note: Failure to reach the aggregate and achieve either of the above GRADES, the artist must continue to participate in the paid Digital Promotional Shows till they meet the eligibility criteria.

We conduct regular workshops/bootcamps and create an opportunity to interact with Experts for their advice and mentoring during the entire process

Artists regularly performing on paid Digital Promotional Shows will be promoted across FOA Timeline, FOA Digi Theatre & various other social media platforms which will help them reach the audience globally and attain a Fan Base

To provide more visibility and continuous exposure, artists performing on Digital Promotional shows will be given opportunities both in Digital and Live events like Chamber shows, Digi events conducted by FOA and others.

Artist Portfolios will be created and managed with timely updates throughout the process of the Creative Talent Cycle.

Through our exclusive feature “FOA 24 Frames”, artist portfolios are referred across the Film Industry, Production Houses, OTT and various other platforms.

Star Performer is the highest status given to an FOA Artist at the end of “Promotion & Branding” of the Creative Talent Cycle

“FOA Start Performers” are eligible to participate in our MEGA COMPETITION conducted at Inter/Intra State levels.

*Mega Competition details will be announced soon.

  • Opportunities in FOA Digi Theatre. *
  • Invitations for FOA Chamber shows.
  • Referrals to Production Houses in the Industry and on other OTT platforms.
  • Referrals to TV Shows/Digital Shows & more.
  • Eligibility for Scholarships/Sponsorships.
  • Referrals to Events/Shows/Programs within and outside FOA. *
  • Mentoring & Support to participate in Popular Shows available across the Globe. *
  • Discounts on Workshops/Boot camps/Mentoring programs. *
  • Free promotions of their CDs/Albums /Shows etc. *
*FOA Approved Performers are also eligible for these benefits