We want any user of our site and services, Artist, Mentor or any other user, to be satisfied with any our product/s & service/s you buy from us if a product or service is right and suitable for your requirement. We as a matter of policy providing all the information about the product / service along with necessary guidelines, specific terms & conditions (and General Terms and conditions FOA SITE) and request you to read carefully. We further provide information through info@faceofartz.com before you proceed to buy the product / service. Also we provided bundled and customized offers for our product/ services and the users can buy one after the other after getting due satisfaction and confidence only.

We generally don't prefer to offer refunds for our products and services once purchased and elected to continue with the product/ service (since you are aware of product details) However..

Face Of Artz will provide a refund in the following exceptional cases:

In case of

  1. Product / service malfunction. Requires that the user report the malfunction to info@faceofartz.com while the service is still active, so that the malfunction can be verified by us
  2. Billing error. The user must provide either the un subscription confirmation reference number, or forward the un subscription confirmation email to show that the user unsubscribed before (not on or after) the renewal date on file for the service in question.
  3. Transactional error while buying the services at the payment gateway due to some technical issues

For any questions or clarifications regarding Face Of Artz Refund Policy or the Terms and Conditions for our site and services, please contact info@faceofartz.com